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Our equipment

Probe Lense

Whenever you want to show small details in a big way.

Thanks to its special lens, the Probe Lens opens up completely new possibilities for making previously unseen things visible.

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Even if you have a steady hand, support can't hurt.

The Gimbal helps to take precise and crystal-clear shots, even under the most difficult conditions.

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Steady Cam

The Steady Cam is always there when two hands aren't enough.

For longer scenes where the gimbal alone is not adequate, the Steady Cam comes into support.


When a camera movement like on rails is needed.

If a scene cannot be filmed freehand, then the slider comes into play and delivers impressively smooth movements. Over and over again.


Light, camera, action!

Operating the camera is only a small step to the perfect video. With the right lighting, a video only becomes a movie.

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Video recording from a bird's eye view.

Thanks to our drones, impressive aerial footage can be captured from the sky. Of course, with consideration of the EU drone regulations.